• 5***** "Engaging singers and clever staging (...) The intimate and immersive nature of the setting perfectly suits this opera" (Fringe Opera) - full review
  • 4**** "A magnificent piece of entertaining that keeps the audience enthralled all the way to its very last note. (...) The clever staging of this production sees the action taking place throughout the bar and amongst the audience" (London Theatre One) - full review
  • "Crime-thriller tension...strong, believable performances" (A Younger Theatre) - full review 
  • "One of Grimeborn's most striking rediscoveries...very well worth seeing" (The Spectator) - full review
  • "Mozart and Salieri is a gem. Peter Shaffer's play is well known as is the overacted film Amadeus, but few realise that these pieces derive from this short opera by Rimsky-Korsakov with a libretto by Pushkin. With such talented progenitors, it is no wonder that the original has a humanity and gentleness that the more theatrical variants don't have". (Hackney Citizen) - full review
  • "Pamela Schermann and the Grimeborn team bring the audience into the centre of the action, a factor rarely seen in opera but one that allows individuals to experience and connect with the music on a more intimate level." (Exeunt Magazine) - full review
  • The text is delivered in English with remarkably crisp diction thar leaves no word obscured...the singing is excellent" (Live Theatre UK) - full review


  • 5***** "It should be a shoe in for a transfer to the West End where I will happily be queuing to see it again" (London Theatre One) - full review
  • 5*****"Othello has always been a good play, but what Schermann has brought to this production is clearly evident – a fresh vision to a familiar tale, with fresh insights to boot." (Female Arts) - full review
  • 4**** "Time Zone Theatre’s retelling of Othello is brutal, fast paced and utterly relentless…this production will leave you open mouthed and completely aghast as you grip the edge of your seat" (Remotegoat)
  • 4**** "Compelling" (The Good Review)
  • 4****"Excellent" (Everything Theatre)
  • 4**** "concise, fast-paced and powerful" (The Gay UK)
  • 4**** "a unique and arresting production" (Grumpy Gay Critic)
  • 4**** "creative and intelligent" (Ginger Hibiscus)
  • "Action-packed scenes and an impressive cast" (Bargain Theatreland)
  • "Fast-paced and exciting" (UK Theatre Network)
  • "a bold re-imagining that pays off" (There Ought to be Clowns)
  • "a highly enjoyable production" (London City Nights)
  • "very relatable…haunting…brave" (A Younger Theatre)
  • "Well staged and absorbing" (South London Press)
  • "I loved Pamela Schermann's latest adaptation of Othello. Set in the cutthroat world of London's financial institutions, the characters' jealousies and spite seem perfectly at home…..The cast is outstanding….This was theatre stripped back to its essence, and it works wonderfully…..this hits the spot….Thoroughly recommended."  (Southwark News)


  • 4**** "There's a relentless urgency to this performance with some powerful imagery. Couldn't come at a more poignant time" (PostScipt Journal) - full review
  • 4**** "a great script (…) very well directed and performed by a cast of four very talented actors" (London Theatre One) - full review
  • "an absolute must-see…a dazzling performance…highly recommended" (Bargain Theatreland) - full review
  • "witty script", "visually enthralling" (Exeunt Magazine) - full review
  • "Hallucinatory, hellish and all too human" (Litro) - full review
  • "Dystopian, disturbing…with compelling performances by the cast and strong direction from Pamela Schermann, this is a bold and powerful production" (One Page Theatre) 
  • "A visceral response to what war does to society" (There Ought to be Clowns)


  • 4**** "Musically and theatrically, the opera is one of the most warming in a long time" (Fringe Opera) - FULL REVIEW
  • 4**** “The voice talent in this production is excellent“ (Remotegoat)
  • 4**** “The musical arrangement works so well you could enjoy this on its own.“ (Everything Theatre) - FULL REVIEW
  • 4**** “Time Zone Theatre have taken Gluck’s opera and moulded it to The Rose so carefully that it seems impossibe to imagine this staged anywhere else.“ (Views from the Gods) - FULL REVIEW
  • 4**** “With clever co-ordination of the Rose theatre’s space, musical simplicity and gifted singers and musicians, Schermann’s direction executes Gluck’s love story so well that it will be sure to whisk romantics off their feet.“ (LDN Card)



  • 5***** "one of the best interpretations of Shakespeare that this reviewer has ever seen" (Everything Theatre) - FULL REVIEW
  • 5***** "As one of the most unique, outstanding and meaningful Shakespeare adaptations I have seen recently, Time Zone Theatre's The Taming of the Shrew is definitely not to be missed (Remotegoat) - FULL REVIEW
  • 4.5**** "Time Zone's Shrew is a succinct interpretation of the original work worth seeing in such an exciting and historical space" (Mouth London) - FULL REVIEW  
  • 4**** "what an absolutely fantastic production (...) they have rekindled my love of Shakespeare (Female Arts) - FULL REVIEW
  • 4**** "A winner." (South London Press)
  • 4**** "The final scene of the play (...) presents a shock effect (Plays to see) - FULL REVIEW
  • 4**** "accomplished and enjoyable" (Views from the Gods) - FULL REVIEW 
  • "Director Pamela Schermann stands apart in her bold choice to confront the play's shocking subordination of women" (The Stage) - FULL REVIEW


  • 4**** : "You'll enjoy this interpretation immensely" - FRINGE GURU
  • 4**** : "a provocative and enthralling production" - THREE WEEKS
  • 4**** : "engaging, artful and pleasingly bloody" - A VIEW FROM THE GODS 
  • "Directed wonderfully by Pamela Schermann, she successfully delivers the play’s message" - THE CURTAIN UP SHOW
  • "a successful fusion of beautifully crafted staging with maximised but minimalist sound and lighting effects [...] 'Salome by Oscar Wilde' is a beautiful piece of staging. Elegant, classy, emotive and emotional"  - FRINGE REVIEW 

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